From a Joiner’s Perspective

It’s been a while since the last time I made my travel write-ups and the fact the I really miss this chance of sharing my random thoughts about travels, adventures, and turnabouts, let me share my story about being a Joiner on a out-of-town trip.

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Now going back to our topic, I want you to sit back, relax and let my story take you to a joiner’s point-of-view.

Are you into traveling?
Have you been to places where most people around you feel like total strangers at first?
Have you ever tried joining a group of travelers without any expectations of what lies ahead of your journey?

If your answer is yes, then our sentiments are mutual, but for those who haven’t tried this craze, you’re not yet late for this travel trend.

Hello my friend…

Welcome to the Joiners Club!!!

A club where age range is never an issue. A travel club sometimes called “group tour”, “joiner’s group” or “travel group” which aims to provide cheap thrills to all people wanting it. This is a group of travelers, adventure seekers and free-spirited creatures aiming to explore places to have fun while creating a get-to-know-each-other vibe since most of the species here are all unidentified.

Not yet convinced that being a joiner is really worth a try? Then, let me tell you my story.

Before, I used to travel alone. Solo traveling became my thing because I feel more alive whenever I break my limitations on the stuff that I am afraid of doing. Who would have thought that my inner introvert self can do extreme activities, mingle with strangers and push myself to be active just to accomplish my travel itinerary?

But on a messy side (yet exciting side as well) of being a solo traveler is that this one really requires you to take full responsibility for everything on your trip. Yes, you and only you!!! You are fully independent! From doing your itinerary, booking your accommodations, planning your mode of transportation, discovering the perfect spots, and a whole lot more of those tiny details. Indeed, it is a bit stressful, expensive, and time-consuming, so what I did is to shift this madness from being a “punong-abala” mode to something “chill-lang-dapat-ako” traveler. Indeed, joining a group of travelers is my best bet.

I’ve been to different places by joining different groups and to cut this long story short, I really do enjoy the setup. TBH, there are a lot of reasons why you should try this. Thoughts from my fellow joiners follow why you should try being a joiner.

1. New set of people

As what Vhel, said, socialization is one of the main reasons why joining a group travel became his thing. Being a joiner creates a possible network to the people you meet there. Furthermore, Harold , a coordinator of Happy Campers Adventures said that you’ll get to meet new people and at the same time, you will be able to realize that you have the capability to explore even without waiting for your “drawing” friends. It is also a good way to discover new things with different people in the group as what Gab Gab said.

Not a fan of socializing? Don’t fret my friend for you are not required to be one and don’t worry as well for I assure you that you will not feel outcasted during the whole trip.

But just a tip, get someone to be your buddy during the trip. Loosen up, talk to someone and the rest of the good things will follow. As what my good friend Jefferson said, “joining in a travel group is a good communication exercise especially for those introverts out there”.

2. No judgment

Have you watched the movie Fight Club? In the movie, there was this concept called “single-serving friend”. On every travel I made, I make sure that I find my single-serving friend. These are the people whom I met and instantly became my buddy on that specific travel in. These people are helpful for they became my story listener without any negativity.

Based on Nah, a coordinator of KYAH Travel & Tours, being on a part of a travel tour allow her to be fully expressive on his thoughts without the fear that other joiners might judge his story. Is it odd? Well, actually it’s not. You don’t know each other, so to enjoy the trip, you must not pretend who you really are. A joiner simply means being truer to yourself.

Just a tip, make sure to keep yourself relax during the trip. People there don’t bite. Find your short serving friend. Speak up, share stories, and throw corny jokes. Swear, no judgment. But I’m not so sure if they would crack them up tho.

Never a good swimmer at all, but swear, no judgement from them.

3. Economical

“It’s way much cheaper than a DIY trip”, says Mackoy Soliman, a co-founder of Team Yapak — Yapak Travelers. In addition, “it is truly a budget-friendly and hassle-free trip” says Micz Padua, the owner of Whiz Travel and Tours. Moreover, as what Jasmin Lopez of Tropang Gala United said, everything is already set for you, you just have to be there.

Marxist Lenin Astudillo, a Senior Accountant in Aboitiz also added that being with a group of travelers can drastically lessen your expenses because aside from the fact that it is free from stress since the itinerary is already set, the cost is divided within the group.

Now, are you convinced and persuaded by all their reasons?

To sum it up, there is nothing wrong of doing it on a solo mode or on a barkada plan because sometimes, as the saying goes “the more, the merrier,“ right?
Why not instead of a “solo-trip”, do it on a “tayo-trip”. Much cooler, isn’t it?

Well, I’m not paid for doing this (hope I was) but I’m encouraging those who haven’t tried joining a travel tour to give it a GO!!!. There are a lot of travel pages on Facebook or any other travel sites that offer such. Just to name a few, we have the DIY Travel Philippines, JUAN Gala Pinas (DIY and Budget Travels), and Travel Thoughts PH Community.

Again, happy traveling folks!!!
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Hope to see you on my next travel.


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